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In Changes, Sam Rawlings inherits a large collection of his Uncle Plug's railroad photographs. The photographs stir up pleasant memories of days past, and kindle a desire to travel back to his beloved western Maryland.

Follow along as Sam returns to the Allegheny Central Railroad and to the locales that he and his Uncle Plug once visited. On his journey, Sam experiences the changes that have taken place, not just in the towns and villages, but in him as well. He uncovers family secrets along the way, and learns the reasons behind the stormy relationship between his uncle and his mother, Elizabeth.

Changes--A Model Railroad Comes to Life by Fred Lagno

Changes is an entertaining and nostalgic look at the past, with super-realistic photographs, mostly color, of the author's model railroad. This book is filled with great ideas for model railroaders and a "must have" for train lovers everywhere.

Hardcover, $21.95 plus shipping

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