designThe Allegheny Central Railroaddesign

Maryland MapThe Allegheny Central is my personal railroad layout based purely on a fictitious railroad that operates in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Why fictitious? Because, I did not want to be locked into specific scenes. I chose the time period simply because I like cabooses, and Chessie run-through trains.

This endeavor started in 1995 and is still not completed. (Is any model railroad ever complete?) One impression I wanted to convey is the feeling that you are standing there, next to the tracks. The setting is Western Maryland, my favorite area to model.[The map at left shows the route of the Allegheny Central Railroad. Click on the map for a larger version.]

Ticket and passMany of the models you see are scratch built, mostly because there were not many available that suited my tastes. The photographs show them as they are, here in my garage. With the exception of smoke from the exhaust stacks and a few real people, nothing has been digitally altered.

In the future, watch for tips and ideas. Of course, if you have questions as to how the models or photographs were done, you can contact me directly. I am always ready to answer questions.

Fred Lagno
Photographer and Modelmaker

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Hannah's Diner
National Door
Old House
Rassum Mine