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Photographer and Modelmaker
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Fred Lagno has been photographing model trains for fifteen years. His photographs have won contests and graced the covers of magazines such as Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, Scale Rails, and the National Model Railroad Association Calendar.

All of the photographs and models are as you see them with little or no retouching. Fred has the versatility and skill to create fictional scenes so realistic you could almost believe you've been there!

Let Fred assemble, photograph and bring your models to life!

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"Fred's photographs are the next best thing to being there."
John Roberts, Past President
National Model Railroad Association
NMRA Photo Editor

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"The high end of the yardstick I use to judge model photos is 'I wish I'd have taken that.' I have yet to see a single photo of Fred's that I haven't wished I'd taken. He's good, he's consistent, and he's consistently good."
Gerry Leone, MMR
Model Railroad Author/Photographer

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"Photography is often the only way we can share a model, whether a personal project or a commercial product. The photograph has to be good. Is has to look as close to 'real' as possible. Fred Lagno's work hits the mark."
Bill Schaumburg, Editor
Railroad Model Craftsman

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Lou's Diner
Hannah's Diner 24 years later
Groger's 24 years later
Plug at Silo in the 1950s
Silo Yard re 1979